Senior Boxers

Dear People Looking for Boxers,

Hi! We, the so-called “older dogs” at Boxer Rebound, would like to bring ourselves and our situation to your attention. We have asked the red-haired lady to write down our thoughts and convey them to you (she always has treats in her pocket, so we figure she must be pretty smart). We mature adults are very aware of all that transpires here at the kennel and we have a bone to pick with those who come looking for a boxer to love. Nearly always, when we hear our names suggested, we hear, “Oh, no! We are looking for a younger boxer,” or ” That boxer looks too old.” We are truly shocked, fine dogs that we all are, that anyone would pass us by simply because we are a little “long in the tooth”. Perhaps you are unaware of the many advantages of having a mature boxer as a companion. Allow us to enlighten you by offering just a few of our virtues. Generally, we are somewhat mellower and easier to handle than our younger counterparts. Most of us already have better manners than these youngsters will ever have. We know what “outside” is for – we just have to be shown where it is and how to get there. And while not all of us are fond of children, those who are less likely to knock them down or chew on them. Some of us are even willing to share the benefit of our maturity with younger dogs you have at home or are considering adopting. We can be a very calming influence on youngsters, human or canine. We view our maturity as a valuable asset, not a detriment. Now, we have heard than many people have concerns regarding our “life-expectancies”. Well, we have “life” and we like it allot, and we don’t “expect” more than we deserve. Seriously, this is an alien concept to us, but since you are all so worried about it, we give you our sincere promise to remain with you on this earth for as long as cannily possible. We promise to make excellent use of whatever time we have to provide you with more than enough fond memories to last for your lifetime. Anyway, don’t let the gray muzzles fool you; we still have a few boxer tricks up our sleeves and we can still make you laugh every day. Our age makes us no less silly, just a little bit slower. And, yes, some of us do have some relatively minor health problems; we think they are insignificant when weighed against our good points. Do not misunderstand we are comfortable, safe, and happy here. Meals are regular and the staff are good friends to us. We simply wish to be afforded the same considerations that are given to the younger boxers. We, too, would like to try this “adoption” thing they are all doing. The word “home” does sound sweet to our old ears. Remember, it takes time to develop the exceptional, uniquely individual personalities that define us as boxers. You really should take advantage of the chance to get to know us – we are sure you’ll be impressed. Well, now that you know the facts, each of us is looking forward to having the Everett’s pack a suitcase with our name on it any day now. Hope to meet you soon.


The “Senior Citizens” of Boxer Rebound, Inc.

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