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Boxer Rebound, Inc.
P.O. Box 214
Ringwood, IL 60072

Boxer Rebound is not a source for Boxer puppies. We seldom have Boxers under six months old.

Please include your name and location in all correspondence. We do not share details about individual dogs via email.

Email replies may come from an email address different than above. If your inbox accepts messages only from addresses to which you send email, you will not receive a reply.

Visits are by appointment only and scheduled after review of your completed adoption application.

Details regarding the adoption process and fees will be discussed after your complete application has been submitted and reviewed by the Boxer Rebound team.

Please do not notify us of Boxers in local shelters or on Craigslist or similar sites unless you are authorized to transfer dogs to us.

We are not authorized to confiscate dogs from negligent owners. Please contact your local ASPCA, Humane Society or Animal Control.

We enthusiastically welcome phone calls, emails, and visits from those who have adopted from us.
News, updates, and photos are greatly appreciated!
Advice regarding health, behavior, or any other issues relating to Boxers adopted from us is always available.