Boxer - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large Only DogTraditional or underground fenced yard required

City mouse? Or country mouse?

I know what it’s like to be homeless, wandering the streets of Chicago, scrounging for food, fending for myself. It wasn’t what I would call a good life, but I was getting by just fine. Then, one day, some people showed up and started chasing me which was scary so I ran. But after a while, I got tired of running and they caught me.


Well if I had known they were going to take me to the country, I would have let them pick me up sooner! I’m not entirely sure Ringwood, IL is actually considered the country, but it sure is different than what I knew in the city. I have my own bed, people bring food and water to me, and take me outside to run in a fenced field where I feel safe.

But, I hear things can get even better! The good Boxer Rebound folks keep telling me that they are working on getting me a family and home of my very own. All I really want is to be a house mouse – or, rather, a house Boxer – regardless of it’s in the city, country, or somewhere in between. For what it’s worth, I will gladly accept cheese to nibble on.

Billie’s backstory:
This gal was picked up by animal control after running the streets of Chicago for who knows how long. We’re told she had recently had a litter of puppies, but none were found with her. 

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