Boxer - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Traditional or underground fenced yard required

Meet Patty, the heart-stealer with her dazzling brindle fur, pint-sized frame, and a spirit as unbreakable as a diamond. At just three years young, this lady boxer is a real-life superhero, brimming with resilience and a big old yearning for a cozy spot to call her own. Patty’s journey kicked off on the rough city streets where she was a stray turned sensation. Despite her tough past, those soft eyes and wagging tail scream out, “I’m a cuddle pro waiting for my forever cuddle crew!”

Patty’s brindle coat isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s her superhero cape, flaunting shades of strength, sass, and pure beauty. Being a boxer, Patty rocks the boxer trademark traits of smarts, pep, and a playful spirit. She’s like a bodyguard with a knack for jokes – the perfect mix for someone who craves a loyal yet goofy sidekick.

Adopting Patty isn’t just about a roof; it’s about granting her the TLC and stability she’s been dreaming of. It’s a chance to flip her story from survival mode to a life bursting with giggles, cuddles, and epic escapades. Patty’s all set to swap the gritty streets for a cozy abode where she can blossom and shower endless love. Ready to meet Patty and potentially find your new partner-in-crime?

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