Boxer - Young - Male
Adoptable Medium Traditional or underground fenced yard preferred

Meet Max, a spirited 2-year-old Brindle male boxer with a personality all his own. Max is a social butterfly when it comes to humans; he loves to be by people and occasionally on them. We are working with him on that. His affectionate nature makes him a loyal companion, always eager to stay by his owner’s side. Unlike many dogs who enjoy the company of other pooches, Max is a bit of a solitary man, preferring the quiet comfort of his human friends over the bustling energy of a dog park. However, Max has a mischievous side that keeps his owners on their toes. He is an escape artist extraordinaire, capable of scaling the tallest fences with surprising agility. His adventurous spirit and determination to explore the world beyond his yard. We are diligently working on curbing this little trick, ensuring Max’s safety while allowing him the freedom to roam within secure boundaries.

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