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Quiet as a mouse in his kennel run, but get him outside and you have a little tornado. He was found as a stray with a bad case of flea infestation and living in a lousy environment. He's a happy guy who just wants to jump and play. He loved the agility class we had where he could show off his stuff. He behaves around the other dogs in class, but it's still a question mark living with one. Fenced yard required.
Peanut can be the sweetest, most loving soul if he feels comfortable. He is searching for his determined and patient forever family. After being bounced around, we need to be sure he will be successful in his new home. A household without other pets or young children will be the best situation for him. He has an affinity for toys and can be vocal when playing. He's a great pupil in obedience with his trainer, Linda. This quirky boy has a fair amount of energy and is determined to wait as long as it takes to find his happily ever after. He has been told that it exists. He is 5 1/2.
Here we have an active, young boy who has been placed in two great homes with other dogs and just couldn't coexist. These former homes had high praise and cared deeply for him. He would do best in a home with teenage children. He's had lots of obedience training with several different trainers and does well in class. He's an energetic and affectionate boy who loves toys and thrives on direction. Tye just needs the right connection. He's a sweet, deserving guy. His next home needs to be his forever home.
She has come a very long way from the day she came to us. She's a very lively girl who will need a fenced yard to expend her energy. She lived with young children, but the home was unstable. Obedience class would be a must. She is working with Lisa and doing well around the other dogs in class. She's very affectionate once she is comfortable and sure of the situation. She is 3 years old.
This older boy hasn't been with us for very long, but has made great strides especially in obedience class. He will need to be an only dog and cats are doubtful. He's a nice boy who has energy plus, loves to play, and go on his weekly walks. Don't let the gray whiskers fool you. He acts like a kid.

Fenced yard required.
Here is our handsome mystery boy. He loves to play with his toys and is doing a terrific job in obedience with his trainer Bonny. We were told he likes kids, although we have not tested him. He lost his last home due to a conflict with the other resident dog. He's a sweet boy in search of his forever home.

Fenced yard required.
Please Note: Not all Boxers are pictured on the site for a variety of reasons. Our population changes often as dogs are adopted and new ones arrive.
She has come a long way since she came though our door. She has learned to tolerate other dogs in class and is doing great in obedience with Linda, her trainer. She's had a tough past with absolutely no sense of direction in her life. She loves to "talk" in her kennel run and play with toys. She may be protective of her yard in a new home. She has lots of spunk and enjoys her walks and getting lots of affection. Jinger is a sweet girl who is trying her best to be a good canine citizen. She is 6 years old. No cats.
Young Axel came in with his brother Joey and decided after being with us awhile that he didn't like his sibling anymore.  Joey found a home who would have taken them both, but it wasn't meant to be.  He will need a firm owner who will make him mind on walks, etc.  He's a loving boy, once he gets to know you and is doing well in obedience class with his trainer Sue.  He's been with us for over a year and needs to continue with the direction he has received from us.  He's a good boy whose former owner never gave him any consistency.