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The other goofball brother- this one stuck his tongue out in every photo - he was told that’s how everyone would see him online but Joey thinks he’s pretty funny, so.....Very, very young, typical Boxer kid. Fenced yard and continued training required.
The dour look is definitly not an indication of Peanut’s personality but rather his reaction to finding out he was having his picture taken, not going out to play. Peanut is a young boy whose priorities do not include sitting for photos when there are toys clearly visible nearby. Fenced yard required
Vicki’s official new boyfriend. Hank is a big, blockheaded boy - good kisser, not the sharpest knife in the drawer- just the way Vicki likes ‘em. Which usually means someone is already on their way to steal him from her. That’s the way it goes..... Fenced yard required - interested applicants will probably have to arm- wrestle Vicki for him but she’s getting older, so....
We have been working on taming this tornado for a while, now. Izzy is exceptionally active and completely intolerant of other dogs. We would like to tone down her reactions to nearby dogs somewhat but she will always need to be the only dog in her world. The fact that Izzy does not play well with others does NOT eliminate her potential to be a great companion, it just limits her options. Fenced yard required, no cats, no other dogs.
Here’s a boy that will absolutely add some excitement to your dull life. Why sit around binge-watching Game of Thrones when you could be bouncing off the walls with this young guy? C’mon - take a walk on the wild side. Real life can be fun. Fenced yard required.
A far better catch than any Pokemon Go character. Put your phone down and meet a real world character. Kray probably needs to be the only dog in the household so once you capture him you can go back to chasing virtual characters. Sturdy, handsome boy. Fenced yard required. Cats maybe, other dogs unlikely.
She’s young, she’s lively and she is just now being introduced to the concept of training. Bella will most likely need to become much more familiar with the training idea but  she’s certainly not the wildest card in the pack. Fenced yard required.
Very, very young and very much in need of school. Axel and his brother, Joey, apparently missed the bus more often than not. No chance to play hooky here - learning manners has commenced. Just a wacky kid. Fenced yard and continued training required.
Somebody stayed up too late the night before photos. Obviously has little or no respect for a decent bedtime and tends to be snotty with other dogs. Other than those little quirks Mabel is a doll. An energetic doll for sure but loads of fun. Fenced yard required, no cats
Looks like he just walked out of the show ring with a ribbon. Despite his good looks, Taisin remains humble and friendly. He likes kids. Hard to believe he’s homeless. Fenced yard required. No cats, definitely no other dogs.
Please Note: Not all Boxers are pictured on the site for a variety of reasons. Our population changes often as dogs are adopted and new ones arrive.
Handsome young guy - maybe a little bit naughty but certainly not a ‘bad boy’. Jack is very young and needs schooling (even though he doesn’t think so}. Definitely leash candy, at least he will be once he learns to walk on a leash. Fenced yard required.
Step right up, ladies - the kisses are free (in the interest of full disclosure, they are also just slightly sloppy. There may be drool involved). Hugs are available for those who are less enthusiastic about moist demonstrations of affection. Jackson is an extremely lovable adult. Fenced yard required.